Friday, November 30, 2012

Today's Tap.

Welcome to Today's Tap. Today's Tap is a list of all the new stuff going on with my various word of mouth marketing site accounts.

What's new on Crowdtap:

  1. I earned enough points for a $25 Amazon E-card. The new cards go up on Monday. The site is going to be swamped! I really hope that they are getting a bunch of extra cards this month. 
  2. I filled out my Old Navy Sweater Sample Share.
What's new on Bzzagent:

  1. I got picked for my very first Bzz campaign! The campaign if for, Stella Artois Belgium beer. I'm getting a free Chalice. I'll be updating more as the campaign progresses. 
What's new on Expo:
  1. I'm officially in love with this site. I've only been using it for two weeks, and I already have $30+ in Amazon gift cards. 
  2. I have a Holiday Finds video pending. I'll post it on here as soon as it is live. 
What's new on Influenster:

1. Not a whole lot. I applied for some new badges and got invited to a hair voxbox survey. I hope I get accepted! I am a total hair freak.

What's new on Swaggable:

1. Nothing. I'm starting to think this site might not be legit. It's hard to tell because it is still in Beta. 

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