Thursday, November 29, 2012

Old Navy Sweater Sample Share.

I finally got picked by Crowdtap and Old Navy for a sample share! I've applied to several Old Navy sample shares in the past and never got approved. :( I was particularly pleased to be chosen for this share, because I love sweaters.  My :( turned :)

Here is how everything went down:

First, I took a look at this website to see all the sweater Old Navy had to offer. I'm generally not the most spontaneous of people. I wanted to have an idea of which sweater I was going to pick out before I even went to the store.

I decided to take my mother with and we met at an Old Navy that is halfway between both of our apartments. For me this meant a 90 minutes bus ride. *phew* It was a really long ride, but totally worth the trip!

This was the sweater I was planning on leaving the store with before I even arrived. A sweater that is both a sweater and a hoodie? Yes, please!  The sweater hoodie was very warm and light but the color was just BLAH on me. I decided to try the same sweater on in a different color.

This color looked a lot nicer on me but still there was something missing. I did not fall in love with the hoodie sweaters like I was expecting to. While they were very comfortable, the color selection was rather limited.

I went back in the store to look around and finally found a huge splash of colored sweaters. I decided to try on the baby blue sweater because it is my favorite color.

YES! We have a winner. If only it was a hoodie! I love the color and the sweater is so soft. I can't wait to wear it out!

Meanwhile, my mother is looking around for her sweater:

She found the sweater she wanted right away and we had a little impromptu posing contest right in the fitting room. Who would you guys pick as the winner?

I tried really hard to channel my inner top model, but I think my mom won this one!

I would like to thank Crowdtap and Old Navy for picking me for this sample share. I haven't spent time alone with my mother in ages. It was nice to have an excuse to have lunch together and go shopping. Thanks!

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