Monday, February 4, 2013

28 Day Hug, I love you!

I discovered 2 awesome things whilst randomly searching Google Blogs this week. My first discovery was this totally fanfrakingtastic blog called Box Bitch. *cool blog name alert* The second thing I discovered was, a review on her blog for a newish subscription box called 28 Day Hug. I've been wanting to try out one of these time of the month type boxes for a while now. The reason I hadn't tried any before is that all the others send you pads or tampons making the boxes more costly. I get most of my monthly products for super cheap already thanks to my couponing skills. 28 Day Hug does NOT send you maxi pads or tampons of any kind. 

Every  month they send you "a nice care pack every 28 days with a little chocolate (the good stuff), some tea ( a nice brand or our personal PMS blend), and a little aromatherapy treat like a bath salt or a shower tablet." Tea and chocolate?! SOLD. It only costs $5.98 (with shipping) every 28 days. Anyhoo...I decided to order it on the 2nd because my Aunt Flow is due to visit any day now. got hear already all the way from Oregon (I'm in NY)!  Talk about fast shipping. 

Here is what I got:

My goodies came wrapped all nice in pretty purple tissue paper. How cute!

Mighty Leaf Rainforest Mate Tea
TEA TEA TEA! I love tea and I've never tried this brand before. I'm 110% excited to try this tea. I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning because it has caffeine and I'll be up all night if I drink it now. 

Pure Matters Green Tea Extract
Meh, I'm not big on pills. I'm wondering if I can open these babies up and make a hot green tea drink. 

2 Bug Bites and 1 Dagoba organic chocolates

I love chocolate almost as much as I love tea. I cannot wait to rip these open!

Smith & Vandiver Foot Cream
This stuff sounds so cool. I'm so glad they send me a lotion instead of something to use in my tub. I'm 5'10 and taking a bath in a standard size tub is not always relaxing for me. 

Overall, I really loved this box. I love the idea of trying new chocolates and teas everything month. The lotions and bath stuff are an added bonus. I'm almost looking forward to my next visit from Aunt Flow. ;)