Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today's Tap

Two more of my review videos were approved by Expo today. Both reviews were for Herbal Essences hair products. Both feedback comments told me to "record your video in the room where you use the product." I'm guessing that want me to film it in the bathroom, but not actually in the shower. I sure hope that is what they mean, lol.

I have to say, I'm VERY impressed with ExpoTV so far. It seems like it is much easier to earn and redeem points than it is on Crowdtap. You have to wait a week for the point to hit your account, but when they do you can redeem them right away. Crowdtap only puts Amazon gift cards up once a month now, and they run out ridiculously fast. I also like how the Expo folks leave feedback on my videos so I know what to improve on. I'm still trying to work on some of my camera shyness. I get really nervous when I'm trying to review products on my webcam.

What's new on Crowdtap:

1. I'm taking part in a discussion on Wet Wipes. I haven't posted anything yet.
2. I'm waiting for my Old Navy free sweater  coupons to ship
3. I'm less than 4,000 points away from level 13

What's new on Swaggable:

1. I'm waiting for my mango snack sample to arrive.
2. My body lotion samples are in processing.

What's new on Bzzagent:

1. Absolutely nothing. This site doesn't seem very active.

What's new on Influenster

1. Pretty much nothing
2. I'd love to be invited to review the Beauty Blogger VoxBox.
3. This site is very confusing. I have no idea how I'm supposed to earn new badges or advance.

What's new on ExpoTV:

1. 2 new videos were approved. Enjoy!

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