Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Swaggable: 100% Pure body lotions.

I finally got my body lotion samples for review from Swaggable last week. After waiting over a month, I was starting to think I would never get them.

I got an envelope from Swaggable filled with 3 ketchup-sized packets of 100% Pure body cream.

Sour apple, honey almond, and coconut. 

I was honestly expecting a large sample size. It's kind of hard to review the moisturizing effects of a lotion when you only have enough for two applications.

The good:

  • All the creams (except the honey almond) are 100% vegan and organic. 
  • a large variety of scents available on their website
  • very moisturizing 
The bad:

  • The body cream is VERY greasy. The honey almond in particular was way too oily. I actually had to wash it off.
  • The scents might not appeal to everyone. I personally love the smell of all the lotions, but I think they were kind of strong for some people. I liked the smell of the coconut cream even though I smelled like a slightly burnt coconut cake. The sour apple cream was especially strong. I didn't like smelling like a Jolly Rancher all day. 
  • The price. $15 for an 8 oz. bottle. Way out of my price range. :( 
Overall, I liked the 100% Pure body creams that I sampled. I didn't like them enough to spend $15 on a 8 oz. bottle. They do have some nice gift sets available on their website. If you're looking for a nice gift for a vegetarian or vegan in your life this might be something they would like. 

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