Sunday, January 13, 2013

New BzzCampaign: Morningstar Farms.

This week I got invited to another campaign at Bzzagent for Morningstar Farms. I'm so stoked to be a part this campaign. I have been using Morningstar Farms products ever since I became a vegetarian 9 years ago. This campaign truly is a perfect fit for me. 

Morningstar Farms makes a wide variety of healthy meat alternatives. Some of my favorite products include: 

  1. Veggie Buffalo Wings. These taste amazing and will keep you from feeling left out when all your friends are eating chicken wings. They make a great party food so the next time your guy as his friends over to watch a game, trying making some of these. 
  2. Hickory BBQ Riblets. OMG! These are so amazing. I love to make a plate with some corn on the side. I fed these to my meat loving boyfriend once, and he liked them. 
  3. Meal Starters Grillers Recipe Crumbles. These have become a staple item in my home. They can be used a substitute for ground beef in a variety of dishes. I love to use them in place of beef when making tacos. YUMMY!

I got my Morningstar Farms Bzzkit in the mail on Saturday. Here is what was inside:

  • 1 coupon for a free MorningStar Farms products up to $4.99
  • 4 $1 off one Morningstar Farms Product coupons
  • A Bzzkit postcard
I decided to try something different for this campaign. I searched all over the internet for a new recipes that would be pleasing to me and my boyfriend. I'm going to be posting about our meal experience in another day or two. In the mean time here is a picture of some of my ingredients: 

Here are a few ingredients. Can you guess what we made? 

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