Thursday, January 24, 2013

Today's Tap: 1/24/13

I haven't done one of these posts, or updated my blog in general for a while. I honestly just haven't been in the mood to post all that much. I will try to do better now. Blogging is such a time consuming activity. Right now my blog looks very boring but it would take me hours to make it look all nice and pretty. I have the time it's I just don't feel motivated to do it. Well, a lot of my favorite sites like Bzzagent are helping me feel more motivated this week!

What's new on Crowdtap:

  • Absolutely nothing. I completed my Durex Sample and Share last week and that it about it. Things have been real slow on Crowdtap lately. I hardly ever get invited to sample shares and never get top rewards. I'm starting to think the site is not worth my time. 
What's new on Influenster: 

  • I haven't been paying much attention  to this site lately. I got my Holiday Voxbox and while it was nice, most of the stuff wasn't really geared towards me. I think Influenster might be better for 20-something girls who are into a lot of beauty products. I need to work on my voxbox posts. I plan on doing most of that tomorrow. 

What's new on Swaggable:

  • I received a mini container of Bill All Purpose Cleaner to review. It's an all natural cleaner with food-grade and plant based natural cleaners. It smells really great and does a decent job of cleaning stains. 

What's new on Expo: 

  • I have a couple new review videos up on the site. My Glade Tryology video is now up and running here
  • Things have a been a little slow on this site too. I have a bunch of videos I need to film. I just need to get back in the mood!

What's new on Bzzagent:

  • A-freaking lot! I worked really hard on my  Morningstar Farms campaign. My blog post even got a excellent rating! WOOT! 
  • I am currently involved in a Redbox Instant trial. BLAH. Not a very impressive service as of now. 
  • I got two new campaign invites today! Yup, two! One is for Shick razors and the other, for Glade Expressions. I'm so excited to be a part of both of these campaigns. I'll be writing more about them both in the upcoming days ahead. 

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